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At Wootton Bassett Infants’ the teaching of Religious Education is underpinned by our school values which are:-


  • are kind
  • are gentle
  • respect and look after property
  • are proud of our achievements and those of others
  • listen to each other
  • try our best
  • are honest

In Religious Education our children learn through exploring ‘Big Questions’ when learning about Christianity and another Religion – In Year 1 Judaism and in Year 2 Islam. 

The children are taught about religion but also encouraged to reflect on this knowledge and how things they have learnt may help them form their own opinions.  We also foster and encourage positive perceptions of others’ beliefs and encourage the children to be sensitive, understanding and respectful of others if they have different opinions from their own.

Mrs Rebecca Tebbitt is the RE Lead and we follow the Wiltshire Council Agreed Syllabus.

You can find our more about what is taught here RE Skills and Knowledge Progression 

Collective Worship

We have daily whole school assemblies where we take time to think about our school values and share stories. We also have regular visits from the local vicar and 'Open the Book', a group of church volunteers, who act out bible stories often including the children in the stories.

We have a very strong relationship with the local Church of England, St Bartholomew and All Saints Church. We take groups of children to visit the Church and have used it as a venue for our Nativity and Harvest Festival.

For the Chinese New Year, our Reception children are invited to the local Chinese restaurant where they learn about the culture and stories associated with the festival.

We are looking to develop our relationships further with other faiths and leaders.

Right to Withdrawal

You can choose to withdraw your child  from all or part of the RE provided at school.  This can be done without influence from the school, although we encourage you to have an open discussion with us about the educational objectives and content of the RE syllabus.

The emphasis in RE is the open exploration of ultimate questions and the examination of a range of religious and non-religious responses to these questions, including the views of pupils.

You child may encounter religion and belief in other parts of the curriculum from which there is no right of withdrawal.  For example, we recognise the importance of promoting social cohesion and this includes helping pupils understand ideas about identity and diversity, including within a religious context and a context of non-religious beliefs.

Please speak to the school office for more information.