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Mrs Tebbitt and Mrs Smith

Mrs Tebbitt is the class teacher on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Smith is the class teacher on a Monday and Tuesday.

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Edwards who will work in the class on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and a Friday. Mrs Loveday works on a Wednesday and Thursday. We will also have Mrs Fairbanks as a Teaching Assistant on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and a Thursday and Friday. 

We aim to change your child’s reading books once a week. Please share these books with your child as often as you can and record this in the reading record book. We have a reading lesson four times a week when the children will be doing class and group reading and reading activities. This is the time when the teachers will be hearing your child read and assessing their progress. Any time you spend sharing books has a big impact on your child’s progress. Please also spend some time practising the sounds on the card and words to read on the word card.  We also run two reading incentive schemes – one where the children get a raffle ticket if they read their reading books 5 times a week and this is recorded by you in their reading record books.  When the raffle in drawn the children win a trip to the book shop to choose a book.  We also encourage the children to read the books on our 50 books to read list which also earns small prizes.

The children will have a spelling book in their book bags with words to learn each week. There is guidance in the front of the book. We will be collecting these in on a Thursday and they will be given out with new words to learn for the next week on a Friday.

During Year 1 the children will begin to learn how to join letters in a cursive style. We will be writing words in the spelling books using this style but the children do not need to write using joins straight away. We want them to become familiar with how the style looks and begin to use it when they have learnt the correct formation and when they feel ready to do so. They can still print their words when writing their spellings. A sheet will be put into the reading folder with the correct formation for each letter.

In preparation for the statutory Phonics Screening which takes place in June, your child will be expected to confidently recognise the 40+ graphemes (written sounds). They will be continuing to learn how to use these graphemes to blend (for reading) and segment (for spelling). Initially these lessons will take place in each class, but as the year goes on the groups may be split across the year group and your child may not be taught by their usual teacher.

Please continue to encourage your child to practise counting and writing their numbers 0-100.  Children are assessed termly in maths using a mixture of formal and informal ‘quizzes’.  Each term the children work on Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS). These are things we expect the children to learn and more information in on our website.


Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school. at all times and that every item is clearly labelled. We send PE bags home for the school holidays.

Please send in a named pair of wellies, we will be using these for outdoor learning and playtimes, if necessary.

Water Bottles
Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school. These will be sent home everyday for you to refill and bring back every day.