We break up for the school holidays on Fri 22 July at 1pm

Our Ethos, Values and Vision

Our Ethos

Both Governors and staff have definite aims with regards to the children who will be in our care and these underpin the whole ethos of the school that we want to create.

Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with us in the development of their child, thus strengthening the bond between school and home life.

  • We encourage all our children to enjoy and achieve in all aspects of school life
  • We strive to develop confident, enthusiastic and effective learners
  • We challenge all learners to reach their full potential
  • We develop their personalities whilst supporting British Values
  • We celebrate children's work and achievements
  • We create a harmonious working atmosphere in a safe and creative environment

Our Values

Our school values are:-


  • are kind
  • are gentle
  • respect and look after property
  • are honest
  • listen to each other
  • try our best
  • are proud of their achievements and those of others

Our Vision

  • To nurture children's spiritual well-being
  • To provide a safe, stimulating and attractive environment
  • To deliver a rich, broad and balanced curriculum through hands on experiences
  • To promote a learning partnership between school, home and the community
  • To celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion
  • To hold a daily assembly to promote spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • To establish and develop a caring community
  • to allow children to become literate and numerate and achieve personal excellence in all their activities
  • To value each child as an individual whose needs are constantly changing and developing
  • To encourage involvement in cluster events such as gymnastics, orienteering and singing festivals

We want your child to take with them lasting and fond memories of their time at Wootton Bassett Infants, after all....

Learning should be fun!