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We endeavour to provide the best education possible for all our pupils in an open and transparent environment. We welcome any feedback that we receive from parents, pupils and third parties, and we accept that not all of this will be positive.

Where concerns are raised the school intends for these to be dealt with:

▪ Fairly

▪ Openly

▪ Promptly

▪ Without Prejudice

Which procedure do I need?

Sometimes, when concerns are more specific, there are alternative and more appropriate policies for dealing with them. The following list details specific topics of complaints, and the correct policy to refer to. You can access these policies on the school website or ask for a copy from the school office:

▪ Pupil admissions; please see the school’s Admissions Policy or contact Wiltshire Council.

▪ Pupil exclusions; please see the school’s Behaviour and Exclusion Policy.

▪ Anonymous complaints – please refer to the Whistleblowing Policy.

▪ Subject Access Requests and Freedom of Information Requests – please see the school’s Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy

Where the complaint concerns a third party used by the school; the school will pass the details to them to answer directly.

Raising concerns

The majority of concerns can be dealt with without resorting to the formal complaints procedure. Where you have a concern about any aspect of the school or your child’s education or wellbeing, please raise this with Alison Pass (Headteacher) via the telephone, email or in person. Ideally, she will be able to address your concerns on the spot, or can arrange a meeting with you to discuss the issue.

If you have a child with Special Educational Needs, please raise your concerns with Mrs Hannah Webb (SENCo).

Full details on the complaints procedure can be found in the Complaints Policy which is located on the Policies Page.