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Behaviour & Exclusions


The general behaviour of pupils is of great importance to the running of the school and the wellbeing of the community. Qualities of honesty, kindness and respect are constantly encouraged, whilst politeness and thought for others are regarded as the basis of relationships between pupils and teachers. Our school values underpin everything we do in school and are on display in all classrooms, reinforced through assembly, PSHE and general day to day discussions.

Our School values are:


  • are kind
  • are gentle
  • respect and look after property
  • are honest
  • listen to each other
  • try our best
  • are proud of our achievements and those of others

Children are expected to be responsive to discipline and observe schools rules, and parents are consulted at an early stage if a pupil’s behaviour causes concern and we take poor behaviour seriously.

More details can be found in the Behaviour Policy and the Anti-bullying Policy, both are available on the Policies page

Suspension and Permanent Exclusions

The exclusion of any pupil is dealt with following the procedure set out in our Suspension and Exclusion Policy, which has been agreed by the Headteacher, Governing Body and the Local Authority.

An exclusion only occurs in exceptional circumstances.