Meet our Safeguarding and Child Protection Team

Steph Noyes – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tom Hill - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tom Hill -Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mark Hazzard – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Our Safeguarding Governors are Michelle McDermitt and Kate Smith

All adults at Wootton Bassett Infant School have a duty of care towards pupils. This means we will act upon concerns working in line with our policies. Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child’s welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with his/her parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the child’s welfare.
If you have a concern about a child it is your responsibility to share the information promptly with the Designated Safeguarding team.

For details of our safeguarding policy and documents, please see the links below:

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy September 2020

COVID-19 Annex to Child Protection Safeguarding Policy WBI 1st June 2020

Keeping Children Safe in Education