Recent Events

Science Week – June 2019

Science week was a huge success. Children thoroughly enjoyed our Fizzpop workshops making slime and sherbet. Throughout the week, children were able to use different materials in a variety of experiments which they really enjoyed. Thank you again to our PTA who funded our workshops on Monday.

Drumming Session – May 2019

On the day of the summer fete we were lucky enough to spend some time with Alex from Kaya Rhythm. This was paid for by the PTA. All the classes enjoyed using various percussion instruments and creating some fantastic tunes.

Our visit to the Library – March 2019

Listening to a story

The Dewey decimal system .

All our children loved their visit to the Wootton Bassett Library on World Book Day. They enjoyed learning about how the library works and listened to a story by the head librarian

Pets in School March  2019 – Reception

Mrs Tebbitt’s class received a special visitor this week as part of their topic work on pets.

Parents Workshops – January 2019

We were pleased to hold two parent workshops on Phonics and Reading. We had some great feedback and it was lovely to see so many parents.

“Nice workshop, very informative and beneficial for the parents who don’t know how phonics work. It will now be easier for me to teach my daughter.
Thank you Wootton Bassett Infants for the phonics Workshop” Parent of Reception child

“I found the workshop really interesting. I now feel more confident helping my son to read.” Parent of Year 1 child

The presentation on Phonics can be found here Phonics workshop 2019

The presentation on Reading can be found here Reading Workshop 2019

Reception visit to the Oriental Aroma – January 2019

Our reception children enjoyed new experiences and tastes at the Oriental Aroma on the High Street as part of the Chinese New Year. They were treated to a story about how the signs of the zodiac became and a mini disco.

Using chopsticks

Enjoying new foods

Fun with friends

Year 1 trip to the Wyvern Theatre to see Awful Auntie – Wednesday 21 November 2018

Our year 1 children all enjoyed the trip to see the theatre production of Awful Auntie.

“I loved it when the plates were being thrown around” Zane

“I liked the bit where the Auntie put on her trousers and there were ants in her pants” James and Rowan

“I loved the stairs changing and moving” Celyn

“I like it when Awful Auntie was holding a wrecking ball ready to hit the little girl but she said ‘don’t do it'” Sam E

“The scariest bit was when Auntie was trying to hurt Stella but Stella was too clever and knew all the secret routes in the house so she could escape” Rita

Year 2 visit to Steam – Monday 8th October 2018

Our Year 2 children, dressed at evacuees, complete with gas masks headed off to the Steam Museum in Swindon for a day of experiences.

Heading into the air raid shelter

Wearing a gas mask

Ready to be evacuated

The children had a chance to look around the museum, experience an air raid and take part in a pretend evacuation on the train.

Open Day and Macmillian Coffee Morning – Friday 28th September

Our annual open morning took place on Friday 28th September. We have run this successfully for the past few years in conjunction with the Macmillian coffee morning. Mr Hazzard, along with senior staff and governors showed prospective parents around the school.

Tea and cakes were sold both during the morning and after school raising an impressive £190.

Lots of yummy cakes

Our art displays