Mrs Tebbitt & Mrs Bowditch - Year 1

Year 1 – Term 1 – Topic letter

Mrs Tebbitt

Mrs Bowditch

Mrs Tebbitt is the class teacher on a Monday, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.
Mrs Bowditch is the class teacher on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Edwards is the class Teaching Assistant on Mondays and Tuesdays. Mrs Loveday is the class Teaching Assistant on a Wednesday, Thursday and a Friday.

Book bags and letters
Book bags need to be brought to school everyday. The reading books, reading record books and laminated cards should be kept in these all the time. The laminated cards will help your child learn their letter sounds, how to write their letters, their numbers and their shapes. Letters containing information about the school and upcoming events will be put in the books bags regularly. Please check for these and take out of the bags once seen.

We aim to change your child’s reading books twice a week. This is sometimes not possible if we have a busy week with lots of events or times not in class. Please share these books with your child as often as you can. Any time you spend sharing books has a big impact on your child’s progress. During the first half term we will be sending home word books and sound books. These will contain the letters and words we are learning. More information can be found in the inside cover of these books.

At the beginning of the spring term your child will also start bringing home a spelling book. More information will be sent regarding this at the beginning of the term.

Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school. We will be having PE in the school hall on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons but should be kept in school all the time. We send PE bags home for the school holidays.

Please send in a named pair of wellies. This are kept under your child’s peg in the cloakroom. We hope to use the outside area when possible and this for us is the school field.

Water Bottles
We encourage the children to drink water during the school day. Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school. Our school policy is that these are filled with water. They are washed out and refilled every day and we send them home every Friday for a thorough wash. Please make sure they are returned on Monday.

Thank you