By law children must attend school from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.  It is the policy in Wiltshire, however, to allow children to start school at the beginning of the school year in which they reach their fifth birthday.  Thus children may start school in the September following their fourth birthday.

Children born between 1st September and 31st March can start school on a full time basis from September.  Summer born children (those born between 1st April and 31st August) can start full time in the September if their parents so wish – it is down to parental choice.  If parents decide they want their children in part time initially, they would start full time from the following January.

Prior to starting school the new reception class children and their parents are invited to be part of our comprehensive induction programme.  Information concerning our induction programme is given to parents once a place has been confirmed.

Children usually spend four sessions in their class prior to the term in which they are due to start school. Whilst the children are getting to know their teacher, parents are invited to an evening meeting with the Headteacher to discuss the induction process.

Potential parents are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher and look around the school prior to applying for a place at the school.

The school follows the Local Authority Admissions policy, a copy of which can be found here. Admissions LA Policy 2018-19

The school’s admission number (PAN) is 202.


Children transfer to Noremarsh Junior School in the September following their seventh birthday. Year 2 children spend some time at Noremarsh prior to their transfer and there is close co-operation and liaison between the two schools.  Parents will need to apply for a position via the Wiltshire Council County Admissisions team.

School Organisation

The school consists of three age groups. Early years – Foundation stage (EYFS), Year One (Y1) and Year Two (Y2). Children spend seven, eight or nine terms in school, according to when they are admitted. Depending on the numbers in each group, classes will at times be made up of more than one year group.


At Wootton Bassett Infants School we expect all our children to behave and abide by our golden rules. Poor behaviour is dealt with quickly and appropriately, with parents being consulted if necessary. Please see our exclusion policy for more information.