Our school day

A Typical School Day

Our school day starts at 8:50 when the classroom doors are opened. The children are registered by 9:00. If you arrive after the register has been taken you will need to visit the school office to register your child.

The children will spend the morning in their classrooms undertaking a range of literacy, reading and numeracy topics.

Our reception children have playtime at 10:00 followed by a whole school assembly at 10:20. Our Year 1 and 2 children have their playtime at 10:40. All the children will have a fruit snack and milk (if eligible).

Lunchtime starts at 11:55 with the Reception children going in first, followed by the Year 1 and finally Year 2 children.

Our afternoons are similar to the mornings but will art, music, PE, religious education and topic work added in.

School finishes at 3pm with all children being collected from the top playground.

Our School Library

We are incredibly lucky to have a fantastic new library, fully stocked with wonderful books. Each class is allocated a slot during the week to spend some time in the library.

We are so proud of the new building, in fact we have even been mentioned in a soon to be published book ‘The Arts in Primary Education’ by Ghislaine Kenyon.

“Wootton Bassett Infant School has recently built a new library, a ‘house in the trees’: a sort of wonky cottage on stilts, which, as you approach up its wooden staircase, makes your heart beat with the same feelings of anticipation, delight and wonder that a good book does. Even more wondrous for a six year old, will be the treetop walk, which will eventually link the library to another school building. This architecture communicates a sense of unbounded adventure, echoed in the external balcony spaces and the picture windows both of which look out over the extensive Wiltshire countryside.”