Health and Safety

Health and Welfare

Children should normally only be sent to school if they are capable of undertaking all school activities. If a child has a bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea they must be kept at home for 48 hours.

It is the policy of the school to ask parents to make arrangements for medicine that needs to be given during school time. This would usually mean going to your child’s classroom at about 11.45 am.

If your child requires regular medication or treatment for an illness then you will be asked to complete a medical care plan with the school nurse.

If your child uses an inhaler you will be asked to complete a form and expected to ensure that your childs medicines are all up to date.

Illness at School

When your child joins us you will be asked to provide details of who to contact in an emergency together with the name and address of your doctor. Should your child be unfortunate enough to have an accident or become ill we shall make every effort to contact you immediately, whilst taking all possible steps to ensure your child’s well being and safety.

We will let parents know if the accident involved a head injury. This may be in the form of a telephone call or a text message.


Periodically the School Doctor, Nurse or Dentist makes a Health Check or a selective examination of children. You will always receive a written invitation to see the School Doctor or Nurse and will be informed when a dental check is to take place.

The school nurse makes regular visits to carry out checks on vision, hearing and hygiene.

Child Protection

It may be helpful to know that the Authority requires Headteachers to report any obvious or suspected case of child abuse – which includes non-accidental injury, severe physical neglect, emotional abuse and/or sexual abuse. This procedure is intended to protect children at risk and schools are encouraged to take the attitude that where there are grounds for suspicion it is better to be safe than sorry. This does mean that Headteachers risk upsetting some parents by reporting a case which, on investigation, proves unfounded. In such circumstances, it is hoped that parents, appreciating how difficult it is for Headteachers to carry out this delicate responsibility, would accept that the Headteacher was acting in what were believed to be in the child’s best interests.

Our school is committed to working towards race equality, promoting positive approaches to difference and opposing all forms of racial prejudice and discrimination. Language or behaviour which is racist or potentially damaging to any ethnic or racial group is not tolerated and will always be challenged.