When a child does not turn up for school we are always anxious for the safety and well being of that child. If you know your child will not be at school, please let us know beforehand. If your child is unexpectedly prevented from attending please let us know immediately, by telephone or other means, of this absence. You can call the school office on 01793 852254 or email admin@woottonbassett-inf.wilts.sch.uk

If your child is not at school we want to be sure that he/she is safe at home or elsewhere in your care.
We are now required by law to keep accurate records of attendance and to publish the figures.

Please note: if your child arrives at school after registers have been taken then they may be marked as absent for that session, and must report to the office on arrival prior to going to class.

Authorised Absences will only be grated by the head teacher in exceptional circumstance. If you wish to apply for an authorised absence, please go to the School Office.